We are here to try and answer all your Frequently Asked Questions; we will try our best to answer any questions you may have. Our goal is to make your experience with us as happy as possible.

Are we associated with any other agency?

No. We are not associated with any other agency. We are a privately owned organisation.

How far in advance do I need to book?

You can make a booking on the same day. Advanced booking can be arranged to secure your choice, but this is not always available, always check with us first on any forward bookings.

What payment methods do the ladies accept?

Cash is the ONLY form of payment the models accept.

Is all this legal?

Yes, this is legal and legit. We are only representing freelance individuals, models and celebrities who take payment in exchange for spending their time with you. What the ladies do when they are with you is their business and yours – it’s nothing to do with us. As for you, as long as you don’t pay anyone under the age of 18, you’re fine. All the ladies on our site are over 18 years of age and have to provide us with proof of ID.

May I book more than one model at a time?

Of course. Not all the models are available for this, but those that have a note on their profile page, along with information about their preferred partners.

Can my partner and I see a model together?

Yes, some of our models enjoy meeting couples as well as singles! However, not all the models are so open-minded, you must inform us before booking that you wish to include a third party so that we can ensure your selected model is happy with those arrangements. Often there may be a surcharge added; the amount is at the model’s discretion.

Are the models’ fees negotiable?

Sorry, they’re not. The models we represent are professional freelance models, celebrities and independents. They use their professional skills to make a living in the same way you do.

Are the pictures of the models profile pages real?

Absolutely. We respect our members and provide a service that is real, professional and respectful. We ask our members to treat our ladies in the same way.

May I ask the model for their private details?

By asking a model for their private details and contact number, puts the model in a difficult situation. If a model was to do private work this can be very dangerous. We ask that you respect the model’s privacy in all situations.

Do you keep my information?

We only use your name and email for access to our member’s area. This data is encrypted and is not accessible to any third parties. This information is strictly for access purposes only. We delete and do not keep any records on any bookings once your experience is over.

May I make a video or take a photo?

No. Our model’s privacy is of the utmost importance at all times.